Wednesday, March 07, 2007 usual!

Not much doing today. Subbed Body Combat 29 for Kenpo X -I think Les Mills have gone a little soft on us with the later Combat releases. I need more endorphins!

Still playing "Chase the Ant" with the vacuum cleaner. After feeling very chuffed that I had cleaned the house from stem to stern and made it very ant unfriendly, I was dismayed to see a black stream of them this morning, ala the Urukai in the second Lord of the Rings movie as they made their way to Helm's Deep.

Things are moving very slowly here without DH. I'm about ready to tear my hair out!

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Splice said...

Awe...hang in there Liz :-)

I must say, your soooo fit! Im exhusted just from reading about what cardio you do lol.

And, don't become obsessive about those ants, or is it too late? ;-)

I have to keep an eye on you for sure.