Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Uplift and energy!

Another busy day, done and dusted! I taught RPM for John this morning and absolutely caned myself in the process - average heart rate for the class was 160 bpm and according to my HRM, I torched 500 cals - on fire! I then went and did my strength training for the day - I didn't really feel like it after RPM, but pushed through anyway and got the job done. I was really pleased to see improvements in my lifts from last week, so it was worth the effort.

Later on, I picked the girls up from school and Kindy and we went to Jazz Ballet - we have "Dancing Days" on Tuesday's and Wednesday's - they are such cute little squirts to watch. Then it was back home to cook dinner, and hop on the computer and see what all my clients have been up to and update my blog.

I have been pondering how important it is to "enjoy the journey" and to work at finding the type of training that you enjoy and to eat with the idea of being an athlete in mind, rather than worrying first and foremost about what you look like - because if you are improving on the first two counts, the body falls into line anyway. I am continually amazed by how much energy I have now, versus the lethargy of the "bad old days". Not to say that I don't have my down times - I do, just like everyone else.

Livy was asking me about my Before Shots. For anyone interested, have a look on the right hand side bar under "Leanness Lifestyle" and look under the Success Gallery. There you will see my at my 87kg glory (back shot ).


combatgirl said...

WOW Liz,

GOOD ON YOU!! AMAZING RESULTS. You should be so proud of all you have achieved, you are an inspiration.

Kek said...

You're so right about enjoying the journey and not obsessing about appearance...or weight.

Focusing on improvements in fitness or strength, or even things like how much better you sleep, are more meaningful in many ways.

What's that saying? Form follows function?