Saturday, August 18, 2007

BOSU madness!

Today's workout involved a mixture of traditional strength training and BOSU work, as per the course work we have for the "Core" program.
My workout went like this:
Warm up: rower
Prefatigue quad workout: leg extensions, then squats as a superset...ouch!
Prefatigue chest workout: flyes then incline bench press as a superset, double ouch! Teamed with BOSU plank pushups, triple ouch!
Bicep workout: Barbell curls followed up by hammer curls.
Then 5 minutes on the bike - Tabata intervals (puke worthy ouch!)
BOSU hamstring/glute work (feel the burn)
5 minutes Tabata intervals (double puke worthy ouch)
BOSU hamstring/glute work (variations)
10 mins escalating intensity on elliptical
BOSU abdominal work
10 minute steady state elliptical (I was running out of gas by this stage and it was all I could muster)
BOSU back extension work.
Thoracic BOSU stretch (aaaahhhhh!)
It was higgeldy piggeldy, but it was quite a workout!
I had energy to burn I guess as we went out for tapas last night and I indulged in some lemon tart for dessert. I haven't had this for yonks and enjoyed every mouthful.
We are now off to take the girls bowling. Should be fun!

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Selina said...

That does sound extrememly puke-worthy!
I love my BOSU too :) They're so versatile :)