Thursday, August 02, 2007


Another day done and dusted - did a very nice run today on the treadmill and knocked out some more RT. I deadlifted 62.5 kg (I've only got to double my quota and then some and I will be just like Lisa!) for 4 reps. Seriously, I was thrilled with this as it's a) above my bodyweight and b) something that I didn't think I could manage given my chronic hip issues.
I took my Mum out to lunch as it's her birthday on Saturday - we went to the "Beautiful Deli of the Unfortunate Name" - the Vietnamese cafe called "Phuc Viet". We both enjoyed fresh Vietnamese salads, followed by a hot chocolate. Not quite as good as Koko Black, but still very nice to share a few hours together and catch up.
Tomorrow I am on a Fitness First training course all day, so will be very scarce. I will go for a walk in the morning and prep all my meals ready for the day. I am doing a veggie challenge with some of the other LLers - 4 cups at least, all of different colours. Should be lots of fun and fibre!


Lisa said...


Deadlifting more than your bodyweight is a big acheivement. particularily with hip/glute issues.

I hope to see you in RPM on Sunday.

liz said...

You're on fire!! Now I feel like a big salad smothered in chocolate. Woops - did I just say that??

Kimmy said...

Hi Liz I had a look on your Leanless Lifestyle site. You are just amazing - I listened to your interview - it was just awesome - you look like a totally different person. I just loved your story.

You are outstanding - thanks for the inspiration.

Live with Passion - Kimmy

Hann said...

Gosh, I can only dream of weighting 62kg's not even talking about lifting it! Congrats Liz, that's so amazingly great.
Tell me more about the vegs challenge, I never know what to eat!