Sunday, August 19, 2007


It is raining in Brisbane today - it is so nice hearing the sound of rain on the roof! It's real "get under the doona" weather but for me I had to teach RPM which was quite good once I got going. I also spent nearly an hour going through the new choreography for our launches next week. I just have to knock over Bodystep now and I will be cooking with gas.

Plans for next week include:

Monday: teach RPM + RPM practice
Tuesday: Bodystep DVD + run + weights #1
Wednesday: Bodystep Tracks 1, 7, 8,9, 10 + RPM + weights #2, BOSU work
Thursday: Bodystep Tracks 1, 2,3,4 + run + weights #3, teach Bodystep fill in CBD.
Friday: Bodystep run through, RPM run through, weights #4, BOSU work
Saturday: Launches
Sunday: Launches

IF I can actually nail all this, particularly the choreo for Bodystep without too much drama, I shall be a happy, happy camper.


Tara's Journey said...

Happy belated wedding anniversary Liz :) love the pressie ur hubbie gave you!!

Good luck this week with the launches.

Tara :)

Nic said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks for your best wishes. Love your watch too - very lucky indeed! Have a great week,

Mandy said...

How beautiful indeed is this rain we are having Miss Liz ... it is gorgeous!!!

And a very happy anniversary to you and your DH for Friday ... a very gorgeous pressie that you have got yourself there ... very very nice indeed!!!


Jools Journey said...

you are a busy bee Liz, your energy is amazing, how does hubby keep up? Thanks for stopping by my blog, I was excited to have a comment, lol. Have a good week.