Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Rainy Day!

I'm delighted to see another rainy day. It's just one of those days I feel like curling up under the doona with a good book - but not before I meet my training and fitness obligations of course!

This morning's workout was a good one - 4 x 1 km repeats on the treadmill at sub 5 minute k pace with 2 minute recoveries , shoulders and tricep training and then 25 minutes hard at it on the Spin bike going through the new RPM release. I've pretty much stitched up RPM except for troublesome Track 7 and this afternoon I will probably get started on the new Bodystep release.

I'm still in total hunger mode, so I am going to make myself a pot of vegetable soup. Today I am blaming it on the rain! Gotta blame it on something - I do know that I'm not preggers, so I can rule that one out :)

Does anyone know anything about dreams? I had a dream that I owned a cheetah as a pet and despite my misgivings about its fangs, it behaved more like a giant pussy cat. It was very vivid!


Splice said...

I dream all the time and I have learnt how to interpret my own dreams most times anyway.
I'm not sure what it means to dream of a cheetah. But it seems good.
Sharks, snakes and muddy or dirty water, don't dream about those!
Enjoy the rain and the soup.

Livy said...

I really love dreams too. Yours sounds very interesting. Could be a link to your subconcious thoughts. Maybe it could symbolize strength and power within yourself!
I admire your will to keep on keeping on!

Hann said...

Yum, veggie soup, it's one of my meals my teenage son enjoys!
I'm to scared to analyse dreams, to scared there's a "message" in it that I rather not want to know LOL.
Enjoy the rain, we are getting a bit tired of them over there, it's still ongoing, but atleast it's nice and green every where ... weeds!

liz said...

VERY WEIRD! Dont know much about dreams either - sorry. Dont forget to give us a complete report on the new Body Step - I'm getting withdrawals!!