Monday, August 06, 2007


Ack, PMS/TOM time - and this month I am suffering. I'm usually quite fine during this time, but for some reason a menstrual curve ball has been thrown at me this month which has had me craving sugary junky food and a hot water bottle. Said junky food is out of the house and I'm enjoying a nice cup of tea .....


Splice said...

Rest up Liz, I hope it passes quickly for you.

Hann said...

I just finished my cuppa not long ago, it's cold and wet in Perth and I was the same, graving every thing baaaaddd! Luckily same here, I refuse to keep it in the house otherwise we know what will happen with me around.
Once I hit my 30's I started having PMS probs too, never had them and always sailed though it but not any more!