Thursday, August 23, 2007

For Sale!

I am selling a copy of Craig Harper's "Fattitude" - it's brand new and unread. I already have a copy of the book - it was originally published under the title of "Your Perfect Body" in 2004.
Anyway it is $20.00 Australian + postage. Feel free to contact me at if you're interested.
I also have John Berardi's "Precision Nutrition" Vol 1, including 4 DVDs and "Gourmet Nutrition" for $100.00 Australian + postage.


Pip said...

Just ordered Fattitude 4 days ago, - otherwise it'd be a big YES!


Jools Journey said...

Hi Liz,
Have just emailed you in regards to the Fattitude books...
Thanks and have a great day!

RaeC said...

Already got my copy of Fattitude thanks hon... but if anyone is reading this and doesn't, I thoroughly recommend it!! No punches pulled and what a lot of people really need to read and hear.

Have a great weekend Liz xxx

combatgirl said...

That explains why I never read more than 2 pages, I thought it all sounded too familiarLOL! I read Perfect Body.

Hann said...

Oh I want one too, if it's not sold yet, I'll e-mail you!

redcat said...

Hi Liz!

Did you not like the John Berardi? I've kind of had my fill (ha ha) of nutrition books but Berardi has been getting positive words and has had me intrigued; I've only held back so far because of the price. I'm wondering what could be new under the sun and worth over $100 US.

LizN said...

Hi Lesley,

I really like John Berardi - I'm upgrading to PN Vol 2.0. Nutritionally it's very sound and I like his health based, athlete based approach.