Friday, August 17, 2007

Spoiled by DH

It's our 11th Wedding Anniversary today and DH has spoiled me rotten with a Tag Heuer watch. I really wasn't expecting anything as we have been hit and miss over the years with our Anniversary and gifts - someone's been sick or at work etc and things just have never gone to plan. My parents in law visited us in Woop Woop last year to babysit so we could go out ...only the problem was, there was nowhere for us to go, unless you count the vegetable free pub in Banana, yuck.

Anyway I was just blown away by this gift. I have to get the wrist strap adjusted, but I'm going to look great with my watch on one arm and my heart rate monitor on the other.

Speaking of heart rate monitors, I wore mine for training this morning which consisted of:

4 x 1 km repeats - 2 at 5 min k's and 2 at sub 5 min k's which I was rather chuffed with.
Then it was onto the Prefatigue workout - 5 exercises in total which doesn't look like much, but sure packed a punch. Plus I have the most amazing hamstring DOMS from Mike McSweeney's Core course, which was really interesting. I have plenty of practice to do on the BOSU but I'm confident of eventually nailing all of the moves, some which require a lot of balance and core strength/stability, which unfortunately is not my strongest suit. However I find doing things I don't "like" initially turns me into a convert once I'm done!


combatgirl said...

Awesome watch Liz,


Alicia said...

Very very spoilt! Hope you had a great day on top of that! xo

Lisa said...

H Liz,

you will love your Tag.`I have one that was a gift as well as it fantastic as it is classy yet understated - prefect for us fit types.

happy annniversary and well done on 11 years.

I am in sympathy at the moment onthe DOMS as I have just started a new PL sequence - ouch!


LizN said...

Hi girls :)

Lisa, my hamstrings are killing me...ouch!


Hilary said...

WOW you ARE spoilt! That watch is gorgeous!!

Happy Anniversary!

Hilary xx

Livy said...

Congratulations on your Aniversary! That's lovely. Really nice gift, you are very lucky, but I'm sure deserving!

Lia Halsall said...

That's what I'm talkin' about girl, now that's a watch! ;o)