Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Energy to Burn!

Gosh, I feel like quite the mad scientist today - woke up to a Precision Nutrition compliant breakfast of eggs, vegetables and nuts and then headed off to teach RPM for Ruthie T. I really felt like I caned it this morning - I was lucky enough to have Alicia come to class today for a bit of a get together and I told her afterwards that I was really begging for mercy after Track 5 (did anyone say "Pain Killer"? LOL! I got to see Alicia's beautiful Style on Stage Bikini. I have to say I fell in love with the colour and adornments and it made me think it will be fun to compete again when the time is right.
I had been pretty much eating in a very similar fashion to what Precision Nutrition recommends - veggies with every meal, lean protein with every meal, but what I wasn't doing was having enough fat. I'm a fat phobic stuck in the 1990s - I'm amazed at how much better I feel with a bit of extra fat in the old system. I'm experimenting with Precision Nutrition to see if I can "set" my metabolism higher - so it's all a big fun experiment right now.
Ok, best be off to dinner soon - salmon with pecan meal and steamed veggies - yum yum!

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Alicia said...

Pain killer is an understatement!