Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm glad I'm not the only one having bovine issues

Thanks for the votes of sympathy on my "fat bloated cow syndrome" - it's amazing to think that at any given time, 25% of the female population is probably going through the same conundrum. Even though it is a pain, I'm in awe of the complexity of the female body and all of the hormones that come into play for a shot at potential reproduction.

I had a day off today - it felt like everything was achy and bloated and I managed to knock over all the laundry and ironing, mopped my floors,vacuumed and generally unleashed my inner domestic goddess (yes, she hides in there somewhere!). I'm looking forward to some strength training tomorrow. Back to Week 4 of the Christian Thibandeau program, some BOSU work and some running.

DH leaves at the crack of dawn tomorrow to finish the final phase of his Management Development course in South Africa. He won't be back until late September, so it will just be the girls and myself. I don't mind it initially, but after a few days really begin to miss his company.

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combatgirl said...

Don't you love a day off for us women means cleaning, washing, ironing and raising a familyLOL!!

Your body probably needed the break and the "fat bloated cow syndrome" how funny, that's how I felt last week. I put on 2-3kg each month, thank goodness i know its only fluid but it sure sucks.

Stay strong and just remember its the FINAL phase of your hubby's course, I know exactly how you feel (except mine doesn't leave the country but i still dont see him). Mine is doing his Masters in Business Management and he's finishing up also this year. We have a bit in common!!