Sunday, August 26, 2007

Launches done (back to back workouts!)

I thought this picture was really appropriate for today as I have done "back to back" workouts today - taught Bodystep this morning and RPM this afternoon as well as RPM yesterday morning.
Yesterday morning I taught with Emma, the GFC at Toowong, which I really enjoyed, although I muffed up Track 7 a bit. The great part about it was that because noone had done it before, it really didn't matter.
Then I was up for Step this morning with Luke from CBD who is just an amazing step instructor. He was fantastic.
Then it was RPM today with "Macca" - who I had never met until the start of class but after we got used to each other, we settled down and rode together beautifully. It's great to ride with someone where you're not worried about maintaining the same cadence etc - as the Honda ad says "isn't it nice when everything just works?". What I'm really proud of is that little 5'5" me sweated a noticeably bigger pool of sweat than 6'3" Macca :) It's the little things :)
Thank you to everyone that contacted me about Fattitude and PN - I sold Fattitude and was able to get my PN upgraded so everything is good. I'm doing a lot more with Precision Nutrition now and looking forward to sharing my experiences with it as an independent reviewer (the internet seems to love John Berardi ). From what I've done though, he's very much into eating for athletic performance, health and vitality. Which is excellent from where I sit.


Hann said...

I must say as much as I love your blog I can't help but feeling depressed by reading how fit you are and then thinking how unfit I feel. I am feeling totally low this week again, I hope it will pass quickly enough.
I'm 5'5 too I think, it's 1,65cm?

LizN said...

Dear Hann,
That's right - 165 cm. I'm sorry you're feeling so low. The thing with fitness is that we go through cycles where we wax and wane, myself included. The key is to "do your best and forget the rest".