Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do and sometimes you have to say what you don't want to say.

I was subbing a Bodystep class over at Toowong on Tuesday morning when shall we say, I had some difficulty with a participant. I have rarely had any altercations with anyone during my long group fitness teaching career but this lady decided that she was going to stand right up the front, change all the choreography and not lower her step height when asked. I dropped a hint or two and then I finally decided to stop the class and tell her that it was my duty of care to advise her to drop her step height and that I would not restart the class again until she had done so. She asked me if she could see me after class, which was perfectly fine with me - however her definition of "seeing me after class" involved a whole swag of abuse rather than a constructive conversation. I, meanwhile was harbouring a degree of regret that I'd been such a pussy and not just kicked her out in the first place!

I guess I'm one to just try and give "peace a chance" first!

And on doing something you don't want to do, especially if you are trying to change your physique or your body for the better it is often something you MUST do in order to move forward. Does it feel natural? Hell no, but work at it long enough and it truly becomes part of your lifestyle. Getting plenty of exercise and eating well are now as natural as brushing my teeth but it wasn't always this way! I had to break through the discomfort barrier first - small steps, but it is worth it.

I have been participating in a Veggie Challenge with some other Leanness Lifestylers - at least 4 cups a day all of different colours and at least 10 different varieties. I could have counted the different variety of lettuce I had in my mesclun salad leaves but thought I'd go for more Chinese veggies and baby corn to bring up my numbers. The challenge has only run for a week, but it has reminded me again of how much better I feel when I put clean fuel in the tank. The TOM symptoms are easing and I'm beginning to feel almost normal!


Di Broeren said...

Hi Liz
Ahhh the joy of step class! I went to step tonight and was shocked at how unco I have become in the 10 years since I last did step!

I would have been your dream student.....hiding down the back on the lowest level step : )


LizN said...

Di, you would have been great :) I'm sure. I like having people new to step in my class :)


LizN said...

Di, you would have been great :) I'm sure. I like having people new to step in my class :)


Livy said...

Liz, it's not about being a pussy. I think you did the right thing, and she just looked like a complete fool in front of the whole class. It's rather like a student who argues with his professor, in the end, you end up with egg on your face, hence why she abused you. It's her problem not yours.

Selina said...

Yes, unfortunately you just have to tell ppl what they don't want to hear...
Hey, howd you go in the Bridge to Brisbane run on the weekend?!? Did you get in under an hour?!

liz said...

I cant stand those people who insist on doing their own thing. Our instructor has the same problem - telling people over and over to lower their step but they never listen! How rude. ANd the ones who do their own choreography - dont even get me started!!!

Hann said...

Good on ya, I'll join your class any day and know I'm getting looked after, you did the right thing!!