Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Precision Nutrition Day of Eating

Meal One: scrambled eggs, broccoli, beans and snap peas, slice of low fat cheese and good handful of almonds
Meal Two: Slim Secrets bar and apple
Meal Three: oats, protein (whey), milk, berries (raspberries and strawberries in liberal amounts), pumpkin, cauliflower and carrot soup
Meal Four: 150g cottage cheese and 2 cups mixed steamed veggies
Meal Five: pumpkin soup and nuts
Meal Six: salmon and grilled asparagus :)


Tracey said...

Yummo can I have some of that days plan :)

Janew said...

Yummo Liz!! what an awesome days intake of food :)

Have a great day!!!
jane :)

Lisa said...

Hi Liz,

This looks very intersting. I would love to experiment with this myself right now.


liz said...

Sounds good. I'm planning on calling my diet of late "COLLISION NUTRITION" as its more like a car accident!! I have phases where I cant stomach veggies - not good!