Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Going nuts on a Wednesday

I taught RPM this morning - pushed it hard but not as hard as I would have liked as TOM surprised me this morning. This evening, I'm feeling like a fat bloated cow. Which leads me to cows themselves ever feel fat and bloated themselves. Too much green grass? Who knows?

My Precision Nutrition experiment continues - I would guesstimate that I've upped my caloric intake by about 200-300 calories and my energy levels (despite TOM) are very good. I did have a moment when I grabbed a few macadamia nuts to eat with my afternoon snack - that voice from the Nineties shrilling at me: "they're too fattening" - this wasn't a good feeling to match my fat bloated cow style physique right now, but I march onwards and upwards anyway.

I'm looking forward to finally returning to some strength work now that the craziness of the launches is over. Lift, girl, lift!


Andj said...

Hi Lz,
had to have alaugh at your painkiller comment a few posts back.
I'm sure (in fact positive) that you don't look like a fat cow. It's just not possible!!

Livy said...

Our diets are nearly identical!! Nearly to the letter!!!! Living on a cattle station, I would have to say the only time a cow would really feel fat would be when in calf. The way I see it, they have 4 stomaches, not one to fill up, and when you think they eat all day, but just one food, you would hope they wouldn't get 'full' like we do!

Splice said...

I too am a fat bloated cow at the moment :-(
My hormones are raging and i'm not due until next week!
Hope it passes for us soon.

Tara's Journey said...

Yep another one feeling like a fat bloated cow here too. I just hope and pray that TOM stays away until after the comp. lol @ "do cows themselves ever feel fat and bloated themselves"

Hope you feel better tomorrow :)