Tuesday, August 14, 2007


What a super inspiring name for the above post! I pulled up much better than I had anticipated from the knockout punch of the three RPMs and did a treadmill run -sustained endurance intervals for 30 minutes which really got up there intensity wise by the end and started Week 4 of the Christian Thibandeau program - the reps are now in the 12-15 range and there is a lot of prefatigue work going on. I trained shoulders and triceps and I can feel the DOMS in the top of my shoulder caps.

It's Miss S's 8th birthday today and she has had a lovely day. It is exciting to see how excited your children get on their birthdays and she's had a wonderful day. I took 27 cupcakes to class today for her to share with her class mates and teachers and this afternoon we had various family members wandering in and out to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Tomorrow is a Public Holiday here in honour of the local Show and I am going to try and get stuck into some training at home.

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Jools Journey said...

Glad to see miss 8 had a great day, they get sooo excited dont they!
You certainly are a busy little bee, I get puffed reading your posts, lol. How's hubby- over that dreaded flu?- I hope it hasnt spread, I've heard it's nasty.