Thursday, August 09, 2007

'flu who?

Seems like there is an epidemic of influenza in Brisbane right now with offices almost being shut down due to illness. My poor hubby started getting symptoms last night and came home from work today feeling dreadful. I've bundled him up into bed and lamented the fact we sold our spare bed before we moved back. I feel like sleeping in our bed with a brew full of flu virus in the air would not be a good idea. I had severe flu which hospitalized me about 7 years ago - I'd love to carry over some immunity from that but I feel too much time has now lapsed. I've set up another mattress in Miss S's room and hopefully that will stop me from getting the flu as well as the usual handwashing etc. measures.

I finally got to do some strength training today - I did Vertical Upper Body Dominance for the last time and was thrilled to note big improvements in my chin ups (nearly back to unassisted). I also got in an interval run and Bodybalance class.


Hilary said...

Yes that flu is definetely doing the rounds right now - I hope you manage to avoid it!

I cant believe that woman in your step class was so rude!!! Good on you for standing up to her!

Hilary xx

Nic said...

Hi Liz,
They say this is the worst flu season Australia has had. I'm sure the clean and colourful eating will help protect you.
Enjoy your weekend,

Hann said...

Same in Perth, I think we have lost about 5 kiddies now, it's so scary and sad. My son is recovered fully after 2 weeks of sickness, so far no one else got it but my daughter is complaining of a sore throat. Noooooo!
I hope your hubby is better very soon.