Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rolling along!

Today's training: prefatigue quads workout (10 minutes of ouch!), teach Bodystep - that wasn't part of the "plan" but Shelley called me this morning, sick as a dog and I was happy to help her out. It was a good class - the Wednesday crew are a really nice bunch and as well as working up a terrific sweat, it was good fun.

After class, I grabbed a quick bite - my "On the Go" standby of a Slim Secrets bar and piece of fruit and then headed back into the gym to learn my choreography. After an hour of playing around, I was ready for a shower and lunch (which was prepacked in my cooler/Esky and just waiting to be eaten!).

This afternoon was spent with the girls at Jazz Ballet - they are just too much fun to watch - then home for dinner and catch ups with clients.


RaeC said...

Look at you go girl!! Talk about being on fire... love reading your blog xxx

LizN said...

Thanks Rae ((((Rae)))

Janew said...

Hey Liz..its been a while since I have been around! Man you are smashing it with the training :)

You motivate me so much!

Cant wait to move and do one of your classes :)
You'll have to come and check out my home gym sometime!!!

have fun, jane

Hann said...

Gosh how do you do it all!
Is your hubby over his flu? Can you belief I got it now too ... yikky.
Loosing out on training and uni here, not fun! I have almost a months worth of catch up to do from having sick kids and now me ... just when I was having fun.

I love that pic, cool body!