Friday, August 31, 2007

Figure Fever!

It's officially almost the beginning of the Figure Season with six weeks to go until the INBAs on 6th October. I can almost smell the Contest Colour already! I have a client (she will be laughing at this because it sounds so damn formal) competing in Novice Figure and I am just as excited as she is about bikinis, posing, shoes, music and of course competing in top physical condition. I have no concerns there - we met today and she is in great shape.

I put together a rather impromptu upper body workout today followed by interval running on the treadmill. At one stage I got up to 14km/hr on my sprints and still felt like I had more in the tank when I was done. It's amazing how your mind can be self limiting - I've always had it in my head that I can't run fast and here I am on the slope running towards 40 and running as fast as I could in my 20s. Must be all of John Berardi's fish oil!

I am one blogger who is not participating in Craig Harper's Challenge. I know many of you have been positively affected by what Craig (correctly) writes, but somehow, he doesn't do it for me with his writing style. Is it exercise physiologist envy or what - I don't know - as I agree with most of what Craig writes - maybe it is just down to writing style and nothing more. However to all who are participating, happy Challenging - I won't say "good luck" because luck has nothing to do with good results when it comes to body transformation.


Di Broeren said...

You are not alone there in your opinion of Craig's writing style. I hear my husbands nagging tone with every paragraph!

It was great talking to you the other day Liz. Perfect timing : )

Tara's Journey said...

Yep Liz, it is nothing but hard work, determination and maintaining a positive outlook hey!!

Good luck to your client for the INBA's. She will be up there with me :o)

RaeC said...

I HAVE DA FEVER!! Cannot wait for my comp... I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof at the moment!! Can't wait to see how your client goes hon... keep up the fantastic work xxx

Anonymous said...

Agree with you re Harper. Glad I am not alone. He is awesome and awesome personal trainer and he has done great for himself.

Good luck to your client.

Andj said...

I agree on the craig harper comment too. His words just don't do it for me. the figure girls are all keeping me motivated at the moment. I figure pardon the pun) that and the looming wedding is motivation enough for me.

Livy said...

This woman in the pic has the exact type of look I am after!! I wonder how many years it will take me?? lol