Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Month!

Got stuck into Cathe's Butts and Guts this morning and I am feeling some rather pleasant DOMS in my glute medius area. Much much harder second time around know that I know what's coming. Deadlifts and low lunges were killer, but I still enjoyed it.

I am formulating a plan - to get home efficiently and to remove a lot of clutter. I think that getting rid of excess stuff is a huge relief and I've been made more aware of clutter since my grandmother passed away about fifteen years ago. She was not a hoarder by any means, but it was hard knowing what to do with a lot of her stuff. Therefore I have decided that a charity may benefit more from the stuff I am not using.
I chose this pic of Mary Elizabeth Lado to remind me that 1) working my lazy glutes is a good thing and 2) getting my vastus medialis to fire more will help my knee pain. She has great glutes and quads! I love the suit my mate Berns has designed for her - she looks amazing - like a figure athlete but not humunguous as some of the American competitors seem to be going these days.


Nicc said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks for checking up on me. It's been a hectic week. All good now! I'm not a fan of clutter either for me its a matter of "cluttered desk cluttered mind" so I like to keep everything clear!.
have a good week,

Kek said...

I'm with you on the de-cluttering. Liz - I get so attached to "stuff" and then end up surrounded by it with no room to move. We're looking at building a new house and I'm so not taking all our crap there!

Mary Lado is gorgeous, and God I want to look like that...not that any of my friends would understand that particular ambition!

Hann said...

I laughed at Kek's comment that her friends wouldn't understand 'that' ambition. Same here, I want to look like that too but if other girlfriends hear about weight training and muscles they go Eewwu.
Well I guess we are the ones actually smiling all the way to the bank with super fit body and metabolism, they are just jealous Kek!!
Now, can I have that please!!!

LizN said...

Ladies, I am "hooray for muscles"


redcat said...

What a GORGEOUS picture! Very inspiring. I love her shoulders - they really set off her upper body - and her quads!