Monday, April 16, 2007

Dance of Joy!

Ooh yeah baby, I am doing the dance of joy because the relocation process is starting to creak into motion. I am so happy to be going home! I have learnt a lot from being out here, what drives me, what makes me happy and how to be innovative!

Poor Miss G is still unwell. Despite this I managed to sneak off and do Cathe Gym Styles Chest and Triceps - the DOMS I complained about last week lasted until Saturday, so it feels like my triceps have only had a day of respite! I also got in 45 minutes of Spinervals Aero base builder on the bike.

Speaking of aerobic work, I am noticing from many proponents of losing fat fast that there is no place for long slow aerobic work, HIIT is the "way to go". I don't think these people are looking at the value of aerobic training to condition and prepare the musculoskeletal system for hard work. Would I recommend HIIT to a rank beginner who was desperate to lose body fat? Probably not, a) I don't want the client injured and b) I want the client to work up to what hard work should feel like. Everything is based on a continuum of progression, not what the "flavour of the day is". That said, the power of interval training can be profound and is maximized by beginning with a good aerobic base.

I could philosophize all day, but I promised the girls we would make muffins. Miss S loves "cooking" and she will happily chop up vegetables, fruit and all sorts of things as well as make the sweet stuff. I could see her being a chef one day!


Janew said...

Hi Liz, congratulations on your site!! Its very good, ive been there twice today already :)

hope your little one gets better soon..maybe the muffins will cheer her up!

jane :)

Rachel said...

I just checked out the new site - AWESOME! I'll have to chat to you about those DVDs!!!