Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have just been to my daughter's school as her class ran a "restaurant", serving us for lunch. I got two pieces of wholemeal bread with fake ham, fake cheese, one slice of tomato and a scrap of lettuce slapped together. Miss S was extremely proud of herself. I could not say "no" to her in front of her classmates so I ate it and told her that it was the best sandwich ever. However my gut, which doesn't like a lot of gluten, is churning wildly now with discomfort. They weren't wrong when it was said that parenting can cause you a lot of pain. I just didn't expect it like this!
I got in a nice long walk this morning and did Kick Punch and Crunch - had to do the high intensity cardio section twice to keep my HR up. I will have to see what P90x (Kenpo X ) does to it. I really love Cathe's drills in this one though. Eating, apart from my sandwich and blueberry muffin for "dessert" has been pretty spot on. Now I am off for afternoon tea with one of Sarah's classmates. I work for her DH in the pharmacy. Everyone knows everyone else here - I definitely worry about inbreeding...


Splice said...

LOL...you are so funny.
What a mum you are? I think I would have done the same, anything to make the little ones happy :-).
Hope to catch up with you soon.

liz said...

Awww, that's so sweet! I can just see the proud look on her face when you told her it was the best ever. A few white lies here and there dont hurt at all.

bev said...

Things we do for our kids hey!!
I'm sure you wore it off.Hope your stomach is feeling better now.

Kek said...

Aww, poor you! My youngest was similarly proud last year when his class ran an Italian restaurant and served a full 2-course lunch (they had a VERY keen LOTE teacher!). I was so thrilled to be served lasagne ...NOT. At least it came with lots of salad.

The things we do!

LizN said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. My belly is beginning to settle down somewhat. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been in that situation.

Liz ;)