Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fun with the kids

First photo is of Miss S's "Crazy Hair Day". I am seriously dreadful at doing hair, which explains why I keep mine so short, but I was really proud of my efforts.

Second photo was taken by Miss S making me and Miss G "cry". I don't know how successful that was but the girls thought this photo was hilarious.

Miss S helped me work out with Cathe the other day. She was using the resistance band and suddenly she stopped and asked me very seriously, "is crying during this workout an option, Mum?". My resistance band nearly ended up over on the other side of the lounge room.

She is turning from my baby into a proper little girl. She was discussing her friend situation at school, how Friend A was no longer mates with Friend B... "They're not friends anymore, it's a break up, OK?"

I had trouble trying not to laugh!

This morning I went for a 50min walk and did 3/4 of Hardcore Extreme: Hi - Low Intervals. It's amazing that even the low impact blasts get my heart rate into the 160s. My latest game is trying to touch the roof on all the jumps :)


liz said...

How adorable! They look just like you!
PS. I cant wait to get those DVD's! I just love getting parcels in the post!!

Janew said...

Hi Liz,

looks like you girls are having a fun time there!

hehehe funny pic!

jane xo

Splice said...

LOL to the break-up. I remember having those with my friends when I was little. But it tragic at the time lmao.
Miss S is gorgeous, she is so very cute with her crazy hair.
I hope Miss G is better now.

Hann said...

Please to meet you Miss S and Miss G.
They are absolutely beautiful, Miss S certainly takes after her mommy, look at her lovely eyebrows,lucky girl.
You should try what my hubby does, he tries to pretend levitate in the air, check his blog out for the pic, it's in my sidebar "Not quite CSI". It's very funny and people actually think we photoshopped it, but we didn't he jumped so high that he had time to quickly get the pose in and our son took the photo just on time. I will post the kiddies once later, they tried it too.
Are you packing yet or getting it done?

Sara said...

Aw your kids are gorgeous and you can feel very proud of yourself for really setting them a fine example of how to look after themselves. Giving your kids a strong foundation in healthy living is such an important thing and yet so many kids don't have that.


Nicc said...

Gorgeous girls all look so happy! Good to see,

Anonymous said...

The girls are SO gorgeous!!! Very nice pics. :-)