Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day off!

Scheduled rest day! Rest and recreation, right? Not running around after two kids, though I'm glad I pencilled in a day off in the middle of the week so I can devote more time to them. We've been swimming, done craft, baking (ugh!!) and right now I'm letting them watch ABC Kids.
I've spent the day catching up on all sorts of bits and pieces and have been working on the website, trying to convey my vision without sounding like I have verbal diarrhoea. It's a real gift to be succinct and meaningful at the same time.


Nicc said...

Hi Liz,
A rest my dreams! Funny how you take simple things for granted! Hope you had a good day.
Take care,

Kek said...

Yay for rest days! I had one too, only it wasn't planned...I just couldn't drag my tired butt out of bed, then had clients to train, then online work to do, plus kids on school holidays to deal with...

Ah well, tomorrow will be totally kick-A!!