Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I could eat....

the a*se out of a rhino today!

Probably due to smashing the bike for 90 minutes today - all in my aerobic endurance zone ;) This is why I try do the minimum amount of cardio to achieve results when I'm in Figure Action. I'm pretty sure I'm glycogen depleted as all I've been craving today is carbs and lots of them. That's why I'm having apple and raspberry crisp for my weekly splurge meal tonight. Lots of oats and the sweetness of apples and icecream! Mmmmm, maybe I should have been a food writer!

It's been a pretty busy day with DH home frantically trying to finish his Stellenbosch assignment. I've been providing the necessary spousal support to get through the pain eg lunches, drinks etc.

I think I am looking forward to his assignments being over more than he is!


Di Broeren said...

I think I'll stick to my chicken, beans and vegemite! Rino ass just doesn't appeal to me....even when dieting : )

I admire your self motivation and focus. It would be so easy for you to just make excuses about fitness regime with being unhappy in Woop Woop.

Hope I get to see you in a few weeks.

Hann said...

Same here, can I join you?
Mine is PMS related :( I hate uterusses (is that a word?).

LizN said...

Hi Di, Hi Hann!

I wonder if it is "uteri" hee, hee :)


bev said...

I spose rhino would be high in protein but I'm not sure where you will get one from.If you catch one you will have a good supply of protein for a while.Ha Ha...

Kek said...

Gotta love those "hungry" days when you know eating more is justified! :-)

Hann said...

HI there,
I think we are on at the same time now because earlier this wasn't here and I just sat here reading through your blog for tips and inspiration.
I am so amazed at your transformation, wow!! I only want to loose another 10-15kg's and find it extrememely hard, I do weight train and cycle but I'm sure my diet is still wrong. Again, well done, I'm so proud of you, he he!

Antigone said...

I hear you on the rhino butt i hope its lean meat LOL

Talk about energizer bunny, you rock chicky :)


Hilary said...

Liz you sound like you are on fire girl! Your workouts always seem so different, you must never get bored with them. I love how you are so motivated - can I have some????!!!

Have a great Easter

Hilary xx