Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Holy DOMS, Batman!

Oh dear, I have one of the most severe cases of DOMS I've experienced in a long time. Firstly I did Cathe's "Legs and Glutes" on Sunday, followed by Cathe's "Gym Style: Chest and Triceps" yesterday and "Gym Styles: Back, Shoulders, Biceps" today. The Gym Style DVDs are similar to a regular weight training regime - eg 3 sets of 12-16 reps at varying speeds for each set. I think it's the volume that did me in, not to mention the shorter than usual rest periods.

The DOMS in my legs meant that a run was out of the question, so I did a 60 minute walk and one set of Spinervals Aerobase builder (4 sets of 5 min efforts) on the bike. Fitting all of this activity around the kids being on school holidays is not the easiest! I am having a friend over for lunch tomorrow and her three girls are coming too. My girls will think this is the greatest. There is not much to do for entertainment in Woop Woop, but I'm feeling cheered by the prospect that a moving date is approaching!

In other weekend activities I finally managed to see "Borat" - funny, yet scary :) and "Kenny" - the award winning film about a Port-a-Loo cleaner which was surprisingly good.


Kristy said...

Hi Liz, you mention Cathe's dvd's reguarly as your workouts. Do you use these because you are in a remote area or do you find these more motivating than working out at a gym? I'm always looking at new ways to motivate myself to push harder and currently workout at the gym.

LizN said...

Dear Kristy,

I am presently using the strength training Cathe's as I am in a remote area. Cathe is very motivating and uses excellent technique. I also add various twists to them to achieve even better results. The cardio workouts I squeeze in when I have the chance. I have been using her DVDs for years and use some of her stuff in my comp prep.

They are great workouts. I am presently importing various high end DVDs for sale into Australia so I will let you know when I am up and running.

Liz N

bev said...

No Pain,No Gain they say.Sounds like you had a great workout.Its fun trying to fit everything around the school holidays isnt it?
Are you moving from Woop Woop?If so where to?

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

I dont always get DOMS after training even though I feel like I train hard. So I'm a bit envious here :-) but still inspired by your dedication.

Cheers Magda

Anonymous said...

Liz, that's interesting about Borat. It wasn't too offensive? I actually had it in my hands over the weekend but put it back thinking it would be really bad...

Shar said...

Hey Liz
I was curious also about the mentions in your blog and decided to have a look at the website.
I had a look at the Gym Style legs today on the site, looks great as an additional leg routine or for something different, the only thing is the shipping is as much as the DVD itself, dio you think it is worth paying for?

I suppose I could add a couple more DVDs in for the same shippung charge.

Shar x

Hilary said...

We finally watched Borat on the weekend too - funny, but the 'nude fighting with the manager' scene is still totally giving me nightmares!

Hilary xx

Janew said...

Go Liz, Go Liz Go Liz!!!Your a machine!!! Keep up the awesome sessions :) I migth invest in some of these DVDs to!

gotta love the DOMS ;)

jane xo

Hann said...

And why always the day after the day after? LOL
YOu sound very fit, is all I can say today, phew!