Friday, April 13, 2007

Almost Up and Running!

Thanks to everyone for the support for my business venture. I cannot tell you how positive everyone has been and very encouraging. It's a big risk for me!

Anyway, the site is and I can process orders straightaway, for those who want to give Cathe et. al a go. I still have to iron out a few kinks, but I am getting there.


little rene said...

Hi Liz!

I just checked out the new website and it looks FANTASTIC! If I didn't know already what a fitness guru you are I would have been blown away!

The photos of you look awesome! If they don't encourage people to enlist your services or stock up on helpful goodies I don't know what will!

Congratulations, I hope it is a heuge success :)

Cherub said...

Your website looks fantastic. Good Luck with it all but I don't think you'll need luck with all your experience.

Ali said...

Haven't looked at your new web site yet, however just caught up on your blog and your business idea sounds awesome!!! Liz good for you, it will be a blast!!

have a wonderful weekend


Kek said...

Wow, I love the site! I'm getting me some of those DVDs....soon!

Anonymous said...

Liz, congratulations!!!! Your site looks so professional and wonderful! I wish you the best of luck in this venture!!!! :-)

Shar said...

Site looks fab Liz!!!!!

Must have been alot of hard work gone in so congrats on pulling it all together!

you haven't got the DVD I wanted! Bugger!

Good luck with it all

Shar x

Jodi said...

That is wonderful news about your new business venture. I quickly checked out the website and it looks fantastic.......since I will be living in a shed soon with limited gym equipment I too rely on DVD to motivate me.....when I finish moving I will pop in and have a look at the DVD's available as i have been meaning to ask you where you purchase your DVD's from for a long time.

Good luck with it all Liz. I wish you great success!!!!

RaeC said...

Oh Liz... I am SO excited for you starting your own business and what a fantastic one!! I purchased a couple of pregnancy ones for my sister online once, so there is definitely a market for them... what a fantastic idea!! I will definitely be hopping onto your website over the next couple of days to have a look... AWESOME!! xxx

Hilary said...

It looks great Liz! Good luck with everything, sounds like its all coming together nicely!!!

Might have to invest in some DVDs soon!

Hilary xx

LizN said...

Thank you so much everyone for your support. It's a big leap for me and it is so nice to come and read all of these well wishes of support!

Shar, let me know what you are after and I'm sure I can source it :)

Hugs to all
Liz :)

redcat said...

Liz, the site looks fantastic! I'm sitting here smiling like an idiot, I'm so excited for you!


Anonymous said...

WOW you did it! Congrats Liz, you're site looks awesome. Very professional and easy to navigate, you're one clever chicky. ;o) xo

ms_attitude said...

The site looks fabulous, well done. Once I get back from Filex, I will be ordering me one of those super duper leg transformation packages for my stubborn, genetically inhibited, east german legs (thanks Mum, honest!) :-)

Maraina said...

Great site Liz. Your work is fab! Best wishes for the future.