Saturday, June 02, 2007

Makes all the difference!

Yes, good food does make all the difference. I have been eating very healthily for about two to three years now and I have always felt like I had become used to just how much better my body runs on a) good choices and b) lots of variety. I rarely eat junk food, except for the occasional treat when I feel like it (there is such a thing as being too healthy). Except for yesterday - I was extremely busy and on the run all day. Even though my choices weren't super dreadful - I had a McDonald's Extra Lean Burger for lunch and a couple of slices of Pizza Hut Thin and Crispy veggie supreme pizza for dinner, plus my usual vegetables , it really did feel like I was not running on "premium unleaded" like I normally am. Sometimes it takes these sorts of days to realize just what a difference eating well makes.

This is why I ask my clients to aim for "consistency" and not "perfection". This way you can learn from your actual experience without beating up on yourself. Was I "perfect" yesterday? - no - but my experience helped me solidify what I know about good eating. It's just another way of "walking the walk."

Shall we say, I don't think it helped with my post workout recovery - taught a great RPM class, but exhausted this morning.
Today I have enjoyed catching up on some housework and am off to do a little food prep - pumpkin and cauliflower soup is the go :) I just cook my regular pumpkin soup, only I add in a head of cauliflower. It's a little more textured than the pumpkin soup, but it's nice and chunky which is what I like.
Tomorrow I am off to Get Active Brisbane with DH and the girls. ( ) and teaching RPM. Should be a busy, yet fun day!


Lisa said...

I am just about to cook your pumpin soup - which I love, so I will add the cauliflower too. I am sure the family will love it with dinner after our bushwalk today! With a warm grain roll! Yum

Di Broeren said...

Hi Liz
You really sound like you are glowing now that you have relocated. It really comes across in your posts. Wonderful to see : )


Sue said...

Ok Liz that junk food went to your head because surely you didn't mean to type "Today I have enjoyed catching up on some housework"? If you did mean it, you have just reminded me that you are indeed a crazy girl ;-P

Kek said...

Mmm, soup - must make some tis week, winter has hit with a vengeance!

I've given you a Thinking Blogger award - come and visit my blog for the details.


Livy said...

You live in a remote area too?? You look amazing, I wouldn't think in a million years that you were overweight. I am at your beginning. I badly need to lose 30kgs, but have tried and tried again unsuccessfully.
Great blog!

LizN said...

Hi girls

Thanks for the great comments. Yeah, I can't believe I wrote that I enjoyed housework, definitely a screw ball moment.

Hi to Lisa, Kerryn and Di and welcome to Sue and Livy :) Livy if you look under Leanness Lifestyle you will see the link to my before and afters.

Liz N

Anonymous said...

Liz! Sometimes you write the most profound things. Learning from the experience instead of beating oneself up is definitely so much more productive. And can I say I got a smile over the picture of you at the McD's drivethrough?! lol