Monday, June 04, 2007

Spinning that wheel

Life has just been full of RPM these days. Taught RPM yesterday and today and am going to enjoy tomorrow as I am delving back into my weights again.

I officially start some of my training duties at Fitness First with a new member orientation at 10am. I'm going to squeeze in my weights before hand and do my cardio after lunch. It's times like these I'm grateful for my age and experience - the thought of attracting clients doesn't fill me with dread as I think it does the younger trainers - I'm busy enough as it is, so I'll just take it nice, slow and relaxed, Liz style.

I really enjoyed teaching RPM today - did a great mix of CDs finishing off with "The Night Train" which comes from RPM26. That's my favourite!


Hilary said...

RPM Queen!!! Your legs must be made of steel by now! LOL!

I have never done an "official" RPM class, my gym have a dedicated cycle room, but I think the instructors just make it up. Must try one of yours one day.

Hilary xx

Bathsheba Freud said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks for your nice comment at my blog. Reading your blog makes me feel as if i'm inhaling fresh crisp morning air at the beach :-)


jewel said...

hey liz ta for your email can you send me an email addy where i can respond to i would be interested in you helping me re diet-and knowing costs re pre contest prep help if you have had experience in this:)

Hann said...

It would be great to attend one of your classes one day! Your energy is so inspirational!

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

I used to do a bit of RPM when I was PTing in Brissie and could fit it in around my work. NIGHT TRAIN ROCKS!!!! Man did I love it too :-)

Cheers Magda

liz said...

Good luck at FF, let us know how it goes. I listened to your LL interview yesterday and enjoyed it. I imagined your voice different for some reason. Weird but anyway, I'm nearly out of bars so I will order some more soon. Liz :)

ms_attitude said...

You are totally on fire at the moment!!! Lots of positive stuff happening for you.

LOL totally agree on sometimes its actually not so bad being older - a bit wiser with a few years under the belt.

Good luck!