Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Am I crackers or what?

Yeah, you read right. As well as my planned 12k run, I'm planning on doing the Master's Figure Division on Oct 14th (ANB). I'm well within striking range of my comp weight, but not as close as previous preps. I've been chewing on this for about a week now - every time I train, I am finding renewed energy and focus and wanted to do this again to prove that you can eat well, not go on any sort of crazy diet and get up on stage in top condition.

I've always wanted to be old enough to compete in the Master's Division and now I just may have a chance.


Kek said...

Yeah! Come on, Liz - show us how it's done!


Alicia said...

Woo hoo! That's great news Liz :)

Eve is going to Nationals said...

Hey Liz! Gotta love having goals - and after reading you blog, I gotta tell ya you look fantastic ... Masters? How could you do Masters!

Rock on

little rene said...

If anyone can do it it is you Liz!

Can't wait to follow the journey :)

Magda said...

Am I crackers or what? ..... no, you're just SUPERWOMAN!!!!

Go Liz. You are an inspiration.



Lia Halsall said...

I'm so not surprised, congrats Liz. ;o) xx