Monday, June 18, 2007

Quick check in

What a busy day and weekend! On Saturday I had to renew my First Aid and CPR which is a requirement if you want to work in the Fitness Industry here and on Sunday I had a huge day of Admin, followed up by teaching RPM.

Today I taught RPM and spent most of the day catching up on paperwork and writing programs. I am very busy with DVD orders too all of a sudden which is terrific. I'm very excited to see what Cathe, Amy and Tracey all come up with over the next few months.

I'm so proud of Di - she is the official poster gal for the Queensland INBAs this year. If you haven't seen her check her out on She looks amazing with her RPM legs :)

1 comment:

Di Broeren said...

Hehehe, you are so cute : ) You know I used to think of you everytime I ate PB's but now I think of you everytime I see, hear or do RPM! Goodness, you are always on my mind : )

I'll have to come and try one of your classes one day. Can you drop me your email - I know it changed and I have misplaced it. Mine is