Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Spreading Myself Too Thin!

I have been troubled by a few issues and finally I came to a decision today. I think that I have had a case of "Woop Woop Rebound" - that is, I have gone from being totally bored out of my tree to being so busy that it hurts! I have decided to shelve plans to work in the personal training area at Fitness First for now, and have decided to focus on growing my online business, which after only a few months has exceeded all of my expectations! Doing both options would have meant either giving up my own training for now or doing it at ungodly hours - life is too short to be miserable - being in Woop Woop taught me that. The PTC was extremely understanding about my lack of time, being a mother as well and I'm grateful to be just doing the Group Fitness Stuff.

After all of this talk about training, I decided to take a rest day. I feel so much better for a bit of down time and have spent the day catching up on correspondence and long overdue paperwork.


Ali said...

Great to read that your online business is doing so well. and your right life is too short to not to be doing what suits and works for each of us, hope you had a great long weekend and enjoyed your day off training.


Anonymous said...

I think thats a wise move Liz. It is hard juggling everything and in the end its our health that suffers.

Take care

Combat Girl

Nicc said...

Hi Liz,
Sounds like you've got everything in perspective. Great news too that tbe business is going great guns. Well done,

Splice said...

Your business comes first and im so happy it's going so well.
God luck with it Liz :-)

Kek said...

Good decision Liz.....I can SO relate!

Here's to a more relaxing week with some time for you.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Liz! It takes a lot of courage to act on our convictions like that. And I'm so thrilled that your online business is going so well. :-)