Friday, June 22, 2007

Truth in "Despair"

Warning: Liz rant ahead :)

Even though I think this "de-motivation" poster is hilarious, I believe there is a serious undertone to all of this. "Consulting" (as described above) is rife in both the weight loss industry (where companies profit from people's failure) and fitness industry (where I have seen people given questionable training programs and restrictive eating plans where failure is almost guaranteed to be the end result).
This becomes a cycle of people plonking down even more money for the next "new" weight loss thing or personal trainer and becoming justifiably disgruntled when things doing work out. The saddest part is that the 'failed individual' blames themselves - "I must not have had enough willpower, I wasn't strong enough etc etc"
Which is why I consider myself to be an exercise coach/physiologist and not a personal trainer! I believe the best coaches give you the tools and skills to chart an excellent transformation course. Then once the 'transformation' is complete, the tranformee should have an excellent skill set to manage their transformation for the rest of their life (the important bit!) Another reason that I'm glad I chose not to compete this year and decided to work on the "rest of my life" bit. It has certainly been a fantastic journey.
This morning I had the pleasure of meeting one of my online clients for the first time. It is amazing how "knowing" somebody online has translated so easily into the "real life" situation so beautifully. She was able to come and experience being caned in RPM "Liz style" and even though I wasn't feeling 100% (see the Fukitol post), I was able to come home with the goods in the end! The best part was that I had envisioned my client looking like her "before" photos and when I actually saw her, the time we've spent working together has been well worth it because she's looking like a lean and mean machine - just fantastic, which just goes to show that online training can work really well.
I'm looking forward to a restful weekend...but first I have to teach RPM Hi Performance tomorrow at Indro :) Then I'm slobbing out for the weekend. Recovery is just as important as training :)


Anonymous said...

Good on you Liz,

The hardest part is getting thru to the people who actually pay their hard earned money to you (us in the industry).

Enjoy your weekend off, you deserve it.

Combat Girl

Hann said...

I am glad you have such a great attitude towards fitness, training and your clients. Even though I am considering re-registering my PT quals I have to say I don't have much respect for some trainers here. I saw them at my gym where I work out, if they don't do a personal training session they hang out at their desk or in the appraisal room. Then I ask myself "who's walking the floor and interacting with members?" no one, they just don't give a bit.

I asked my sport science lecturer one day while we were there if he also spots things they do or teach and it makes you shake your head and he said Yes, he HAD to learn to look the other way other wise he'll get them all fired LOL.

I was gonna post about it and haven't got that far but get this, spotting a seated row with your hand on the cable??? D'uh?
I don't say I know it all or a lot but even I could tell THAT was all wrong and worthless.

Got a young girl working there as well and on her profile board she said "extensive experience for over 15 years in training clients and the fitness industry" or something like that, I asked hubby then also how old would he guess her and he said no more then 25 y.o, same here I thought. So she's telling us she's been "working extensively" since she's 10???

Lisa said...

He Liz,

I see the same incompetence in my industry and i get just as frustrated! However the srong always prevail.


Hilary said...

You are so right! I am an online training success story too - it just goes to prove that you can achieve your goals, as long as you are given the right tools and guidance (and have a great mentor)

How fantastic that you got to meet one of your online clients!

Hilary xx

redcat said...

Oh Liz, I want that poster! LMAO.

I agree with you about the diet/fitness industry. It's a multimillion/billion dollar industry that relies on FAILURE as a renewable resource. Instead of setting realistic expectations and providing doable goals and plans, it caters to the desire for a simple "fix" that really isn't a fix at all. I prefer the "teach a person to fish" mentality.

Off to read your friend's blog!