Thursday, June 28, 2007

Training and Eating for the day.

For Stacy, here is what I ate and how I trained today.

My eats:

Meal One: 2/3 cup oats cooked in water with 1 scoop Ladybird Tone and 1/2 cup skim milk on the top. Yummy and creamy and vanilla scented.

Meal Two (post workout): kangaroo chilli con carne, 1/2 cup brown rice, 2-3 cups steamed veggies :)

Meal Three: baked apple with cinnamon on top of 200g reduced fat natural yoghurt and sprinkle of protein powder

Meal Four: packet of Steamfresh Veggies - carrots, corn, beans over 125g creamed cottage cheese, sprinkled with paprika, microwaved Plus 2-3 rice cakes with tuna, cottage cheese and as many veggies as I can fit on them ;)

Meal Five: Fruity chicken curry (as prepped from "Survival from the Fittest" -only change is I used half low joule chutney, half regular, and added an apple and some sultanas instead), 1/2 cup brown rice, 3 cups steamed veggies

Meal Six: piece of fruit and a paddlepop (this is my Thursday night treat as I stay up late watching Heroes, Lost and The Amazing Race- and I get hungry )

As you can see I am not one to promote a low carb existence!

Training today: "moderate" day. After hammering myself in RPM and upper body training, I did 40 minute easy run (5.30 min ks) and 35 minutes leg and shoulder training - moves included cleans, leg press and a great divebomber/BOSU shoulder press combination


Ali said...

Looking forward to following your journey to competing again in 'master', that's my category,

Have a wonderful weekend


liz said...

My stuff came today - thanks! I love your diet - its great! Who doesnt love their carbs???

stacytoby said...

Wow... thanks SO much Liz, thats more the diet I wanna see!!!!! You've given me new hope.... if I eat well this year (i have been eating consistently well for about a month and lost over 2kg) then I set myself for a great comp next year!

Its good to know that yes, there is actually light at the end of this tunnel!


Kek said...

Ah, that's my favourite breakfast too. :p

How did the curry turn out?

Hann said...

That's an amazing amount of food, but I suppose the counter balance is that you work it all off during your training and it supplies enough energy to your body's needs.

LizN said...

The curry was great!

Eating food that tastes good and gives me lots of energy is important. I'm not one for "dieting" as you all know.

LIz n