Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Come rain!

Big news for us Brisbanites. It is raining! Not just a little shower, but it has been raining pretty solidly all day. We are in the midst of Level 5 Water Restrictions so having this rain is absolutely wonderful.

Training has been great these past two days. Firstly I did my strength training yesterday and really pushed it. I then saw two clients for New Member Orientation, who both signed up for Triple Packs with me and then I got in 50 mins steady state running. I am going to sign up for the Bridge to Brisbane which is a 12km distance. I think I am well online to easily go under the hour which is my goal. That I am having a break from competing this year means I can let "Enduro Liz" break free again! This morning I backed up and gave the 9.30am RPM class at Indro a thorough pasting. I really enjoyed myself, the fitness is coming back and I no longer sound like Darth Vader on the microphone.

Tomorrow I have another New Member Orientation and I am committing to squats, deadlift shrugs, Bulgarian split squats and the like and am probably going to do some interval training for my cardio. My energy levels are pretty good - I'm attitributing that to plenty of good food and positive mindset.


Lisa said...

My hubby and are are thinking of doing the bridge to brisbane too. We will walk of course - we can meet you in the park for breaky!

LizN said...

That sounds great ;)


Marie said...

Bulgarian split squats = torture, just torture!


Kek said...

Thanks for the chat last night, Liz - you helped me more than you'll ever know! I'm feeling sane again....

I'll be off to look at spin bikes this weekend, I think.

LizN said...

That I can save someone from the brink of insanity must be a good thing :)


redcat said...

"Enduro Liz" - LOL!

And yay for rain! I hope you got a nice soaking.