Thursday, June 14, 2007

PMS is climbing a wonderful tree and being whacked by a coconut!

In other words - the downside of being a woman! You think you've got it all together, then "boom", Mistress PMS comes along and gives you an almightly whack in the chops! I've been hungry, irritable and tired today and craving carbohydrates. I've had some extra carbs, so I'm looking forward to the beating that I'm going to give the bike tomorrow when I teach RPM.
I've put together a good mix including Billy Idol's "Shock To the System" (yeah I'm a Billy fan from way back) and Warp Bros "Going Insane" (yeah, that's me!)
Tomorrow is my big shopping day. I cannot believe how many fruits and vegetables our family eats! I should have put in my threes that I cannot understand why healthy choices have to be more expensive than junk food. I've got this fantastic post workout concoction going - brown rice, salsa, tuna and any vegetable that I can lay my hands on. It's filling and it really helps my rate of recovery.
No other exciting news to mention :)


Kek said...

For a minute there, I thought you'd been doing a Keef Richards. LOL.

I constantly complain about the cost of healthy vs junk food too. And on that subject, how does McDonald's get away with introducing healthy choices, then making them twice the price for half the food?

I once added up the cost of a chicken salad, bottle of water and a yoghurt and it was SCARY.

Magda said...

I'm a huge Idol (thats Billy by the way, not that crappy TV show) fan too.

Your PWO concoction sounds yummy, similar to what I used to eat before Josh and comp prep came into my life.

But I know it'll all be worth it in the end.

Cheers Magda

Hann said...

So true and bananas are rising in price again here in WA.