Friday, June 08, 2007

Lots going on!

There seems to be an awful lot going on in the exercise DVD world. All of my DVD suppliers - Amy Bento, Cathe Friedrich and Tracey Staehle have announced that they are all filming new DVDs shortly. I will be posting presale details on shortly for anyone interested in purchasing the new DVDs. No charges will be made until the DVDs are in stock.
My other announcement is that for Fitness Solution clients, I have partnered with David Greenwalt, owner of the Leanness Lifestyle ( ), to offer all of my clients Club Lifestyle access and "The Leanness Lifestyle" book and MP3 downloads for a heavily reduced price. As many of you know, I have been a member of Leanness Lifestyle for nearly 3 years and it is David who taught me how to prepare for a competition the right way. David recently competed at the NPC State Titles in Illinois, coming 2nd in his division. Amazing for a natural athlete in that particular federation. You can contact me through for more details. I am very excited about this partnership and I recommend the book as "The Text" for all Physique and Figure Competitors. However it works just as well for regular Challengers.
Taught RPM this morning and gave the bike (and the class) a good caning! I've been dreaming up an even better combination of tracks to give the ultimate workout! What else? Just busy doing paperwork and cooking up a big batch of pumpkin soup. Winter is a great time for soup!


Sara said...

Hi Liz, just checking in on you and your.. er.. glutes (is it ok to say that? I think it's ok between friends.. I think of us as glute buddies ;)

I notice it if I don't do my glute work at least every second day they go lazy and I feel 'unstable' when I'm dancing and usually stop for fear of an 'incident'. If I do the work, I can do the Salsa.

Carolyn said...

Hi Liz,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I love reading your blog as you are really walking the walk with the fitness lifestyle. I find you an inspiration to keep on going, as you have also lost lots of weight to get to the place you are in now, and have maintained that, which is something quite close to my own heart!

Keep training hard and loving life!

Splice said...

Hi Liz!
Sounds like everyone is extremely busy doing things in their own lives.
It sounds like it's all good on your end :-)