Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Looking forward to it again!

Here I am at Qld Titles last year 2nd from the right!

Today I am feeling more settled and got in a fantastic training session. As I worked out, I really thought about my goals - wanting to nail this run and then getting back on stage next year. I cranked out a fantastic run - what I call my "run of fives" which is starting off at marathon pace and adding 0.5km/hr increments on the treadmill every five minutes for five cycles. I was running 4.30 min k's at the end and max HR achieved was still in the 155s - very happy indeed. If I can just get my glute to function properly, I will be in seventh heaven! I have not been able to run this well (and fast for me) since before Miss S was born (we are talking nearly 9 years ago) and it's a bit of a thrill really!

Then I hit the weights and did a Cosgrove type workout, supersetting:

Incline chest press and Cable Seated Row; Wide grip Lat Pull Down and Shoulder Press (I made this fun by doing "crazy" shoulder presses - on one leg using different weights in each arm) and finally Close Grip Bench Press and High Pulls. I then did two sets of cleans afterwards because I was feeling happy.

This is just enough strength training to keep things interesting whilst I am training for this run - then it will be less cardio and more strength from August onwards (gotta remember the bowling ball glutes!).


Hann said...

I was gonna say I'll give any thing to have a body like that ... and I know I just should and could! OMG, I'm so envious I actually feel depressed! Well done Liz, having seen your before pics makes us all believe we can achieve what we put our minds too, don't show me things like this in my pms week!!! :-)

Julie True said...

BOWLING BALL GLUTES!! I'm with you! Gonna start paying better attention to your glute workouts so I can get some ideas for my own bum.

Julie A.

Lisa said...

Your glutes look fantastic in that pic - so I can only imagine how they will look next year.

bev said...

You continually inspire me.You sound like you are in seventh heaven since your move.
Keep up the inspiring life.



Marie said...

Liz, you look SO FANTASTIC in your pics. :-) I can't wait to see you with the bowling ball butt, though!!!