Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fun with "three"

Wondering why I'm back so soon? DH caught the wrong train - it was Express and went right past the station. I don't know where they come up with the notion that men take notice of what they are doing, but never mind.

I've been tagged by Lesley about My Threes:

Three Things That Scare Me:

1) being financially dependent on someone else (ladies, a common theme)
2) being stuck out in Woop Woop again (but that is as likely to happen as is the chance the Pope falls pregnant)
3) my kids not being resilient enough to deal with the downside of life.

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

1) DH - We can easily stay awake all night and laugh at each other's jokes.
2) My brother Dan - he impersonates all of the cast from "Star Wars" and after 20 seconds, I am laughing so much I want to pass out.
3) My bro-in-law David - he is a cop and his stories are hilarious. He was our wedding MC.

Three Things I Love

1) Exercise (duh!)
2) Deep and Meaningful conversations about Life, the Universe and Everything
3) A good book, some warm PJ's and a back rub :)

Three Things I Hate

1) People who "pass the buck" and have an excuse for everything
2) chokoes and liver/pate products
3) The back page of the paper being taken up with Rugby news and nothing about the French Open or any other worthwhile sport.

Three Things I don't Understand

1) Why manufacturers think that images of Betty Boop are desirable on Women's PJs. Give me good old flannies any day.

2) Why underpants come in the ugliest prints imaginable!
3) Why people think that giving up processed crap is a sacrifice.

Three Things I'm Doing Right Now

1) Cooking dinner
2) Bathing the girls
3) Setting the table

and being on the computer. Yes I am Supermum!

Three Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1) Go to a selection of major sporting events - Grand Slams, Olympics etc
2) Travel the world
3) Learn another language

Three Things I can do:

1) Make a mean cake and the best choc chip cookies!
2) I am known as the "bloodhound" in the family. I rarely use a map in finding out where to go ;)
3) Teach a great RPM class

Three Things I can't do well:

1) origami. I totally suck!
2) clean houses. Bores me to tears
3) remember lines from movies.

Three shows I watched as a kid:

a) Scooby Doo
b) Battlestar Galactica
c) The Six Million Dollar Man.

I am going to tag three people to do this - here goes -

Magda (because I loved your seven things so much)
Lia (for the same reason)
Alicia (because I want to know if she knows who the Six Million Dollar Man was)


Alicia said...

haha wasnt it a TV show???

Hann said...

Very clever, this was fun to read!
I just caught up on all your posts again, you are truly busy girl! Love reading about the exercises still too. I'm trying to keep to that baby steps now :-)