Thursday, June 07, 2007

The heart is willing but the body is weak

Whoa! Busy today. I started off with another New Member Orientation, helped out a friend of mine with a revised program gratis. I was glad I did this as she mentioned that it was her birthday tomorrow, so the free session had come as a wonderful surprise. Then I decided to do my workout.
I decided to test out my running and did 10 cycles running 4.45 to 5 min k intervals - felt really, really strong and was maintaining my HR under 145 the entire time. Then all of a sudden my right glute failed. I lay down on the floor and tried to activate it when it occurred to me that my glute function has really gone down the gurgler because I haven't really been focusing on it, thinking "she'll be right mate" as any good Aussie would. I then did some glute activation exercises and decided that I will have to rejig my program to work up to Cosgrove lower body training more effectively. I'm a bit disappointed, but in the end I've never been let down by doing more preparatory work first. I'm going to talk to my physio, Dan and possibly get into the Pilates studio once a week for some one on one help with it. So stay tuned for my new and improved glute program!

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