Thursday, May 31, 2007

My treat

I'm closing in on my third week of serious training and have decided to treat myself to some Lorna Jane clothing when I reach my goal. I don't think I have even mentioned the goal, which was to get six weeks of solid training under my belt and to lose 2 kg which mysteriously crept on whilst I was running around moving and not training a lot. I decided to chart a 0.3kg loss per week and was starting to get a little bit miffed that nothing had changed after two weeks. However, suddenly I got the scale "whoosh" I was looking for this week and at 3 weeks in have lost 1kg and done all my training. Maintaining a healthy weight and a relatively lean (but not competition lean) physique is extremely important to me as I want to be the type of coach who 'walks the walk' and is living proof of what a healthy lifestyle can do for you. Plus, it is always fun to be setting yourself these little goals.
Today I did deadlift shrugs which is a more explosive variant of a standard deadlift. I also did squats. The goal here is to get my technique perfect. As well as the lifting, I knocked out a 25 minute interval run. I warmed up for 10 mins then did 6 cycles of 4.45 min k runs for 2 mins, then cooled down. My cardiovascular fitness is starting to improve as well.
I had my panel interview for Fitness First. I was asked what sacrifices I would make to be a good trainer - I found that a little weird - as I truly believe that it is no sacrifice seeing someone's life improve for the better! Anyway I have a few "New Member Orientations" next week and I'm sure I can convince them that RPM is in their best interests, hee, hee.
Speaking of RPM, I am teaching class at Toowong tomorrow. I really like the crowd there and I have known many of them for nearly 20 years, so it is a very comfortable atmosphere.


Kek said...

Nice workout! Bet your butt hurts tomorrow.


Alicia said...

Let me know if you're ever teaching a class at Carindale :)

Kek said...

Oh, and Lorna Jane? I have a MAJOR complaintabout LJ...there are simply not enough shops in Melbourne and it SUCKS. Two? The second-biggest city in this country and we GET. TWO. LOUSY. LJ SHOPS???

That is SO not fair.


Hann said...

We have a shop here selling Lorna Jane's clothes, I do find them a bit pricey. I stick to the Target and K-mart range for now.
Well done on all the training you are doing, I am so flat out I could only squeeze 2 days in last week and this week :( it certainly effected my mood, I was a ticking bomb I tell ya.

Same here, years ago I went for the permed look but omg, to sit still for 3 hours to perm long hair was a punishment!

Have a happy week end!! Will get around to do my tag soon.

Lisa said...

I can attest that you do "walk the walk".


LizN said...

Hi girls,

Thanks for the comments. Yeah I agree we all need more LJ stores and thanks for the compliment Lisa :)


Selina said...

Hey Liz,
Just wanted to say that the article with you and Kek in the latest WH&F is great!!! Loved the LJ top too ;) I'm an LJ junkie as well :)
I also saw in your facts that you've done heapsa half marathons! Any coming up soon?!? And what times have you done?! (That perked my interest as i'm doing my first tomorrow...gulp)

Selina said...

LoL and I just realised that I'm wearing the same LJ pants right now as the girl in the pic.. hehe

LizN said...

Dear Selina

Gotta love those LJ pants, eh? Good luck with your half marathon. My best time is 1:46 - I'm not the fastest gal on the block, but not the slowest either. I'll have to add you to my blog roll.


jewel said...

hey liz
ta for your email
could u send me your email
so i can respond?
id like to know your prices re pre contect nutrtition