Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The World is my Oyster!

Well here I am, back in Blogland at least, but still no email access for a few days. Sooo if anyone has trying to contact me, you will probably hear from me shortly.

It is so wonderful to be back. After two solid days of packing up, cleaning etc we spent our last night at the Woop Woop Coal and Cattle Hotel. We had a memorable last meal to say the least. DH ordered garlic bread which turned up charred, then his chicken was so overcooked, we could have sworn we could have used it as a grenade substitution through the pub window. Meanwhile , my chicken salad was raw! As there is nowhere else to eat out in Woop Woop the four of us went to bed hungry with memories of a bad meal that will last a lifetime!

We've been staying in serviced apartments in the city and have been dining out 24/7 and enjoying fresh (sigh!) veggies, fruit and the like. We've also both been out running, lifting weights and going to the movies. We officially move into our house on Thursday and the girls started kindy and school today. I have to go and do various bits and pieces such as changing addresses, electoral enrolment etc. I even squeezed in a workout this morning. Going to the gym was extremely decadent!! I ran on the treadmill for 20 mins and used the elliptical for 20 mins (am taking it easy to begin with) and had a good stretch.

Life is good!


Magda said...

Congrats Liz,

you sound so much happier and even ending your stay in Woop Woop with such a memorable meal should make you smile...after you've forgotten how horrible it was.

Cheers from


Antigone said...

Can't wait to see what you get out of your gym workouts hun :)
Hope you settle into your new home quickly and smoothly.
Have a great week in your new town:)

Ali said...

Ow Liz I bet it was just great to go to the gym!!!

Glad to hear your move went well, hope you complained about your dinner :)

take care


Janew said...

Yipppeeee!!Great news Liz, sounds like everything is working out nicely!
Im so happy for you and your family, as I know you will all be so much happier living in Brissy.

Take care,train hard
jane xo

Di Broeren said...

Yay! She's baaackkkk! Great to see you back where you want to be. You sound happier already : )

Thanks for all your support. I'll have to try and co-ordinate doing one of your RPM classes in the future!


Hann said...

This is good news Liz, nothing is beter than being settled again.
I am glad all went well and you guys are into the swing of city dwellers now LOL.
Enjoy enjoy!!

Andj said...

Yay Liz, Back in Brisneyland again!
I'll have to keep an eye out for you at Indro.

ms_attitude said...

Welcome back to the land of cyberspace! Glad your move has gone well...and what would you have done had your last meal in Woop Woop been one of extreme lushness and decadence? LOL you would have wanted to stay.. NOT!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back, Liz!!!