Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tagged Me Again!

The lovely Lia has tagged me, so here are another seven weird and wacky facts about me.

1) I'm the Queen of Moving House - we have moved ten times in ten years of marriage. Every wedding we attend, we reminisce about what adventures were in front of us (having never moved out of Brisbane ;) ).

2) I love Indian food and always have Indian takeaway on the Monday before a Figure Comp.

3) My hubby and I sometimes spend all night staying up in bed laughing and telling jokes like school kids having their first sleep overs.

4) The number of half marathons I have competed in is more than the number of times I have moved.

5) Sometimes I am called the "Smiling Assasin" in RPM :)

6) I'm scared of DOMS. This last two weeks has not been pretty.

7) I hate having my haircut and coloured - I love the end result but I just about go mental having to sit in the one spot for a long time.

I had a great time teaching RPM this morning and got my hair cut and coloured. I am lucky that my sis is a hairdresser. She transformed me back from beastly to beautiful and even though I had to sit in the chair all that time, I'm feeling much better :)

Tomorrow I'm going another round with Alwyn and unfortunately I am not having Indian tonight.


Kristy said...

Thanks Liz for your advice about the crunch. I have just sent them an email now so I will see what they have to say.


Kek said... too! The Indian food, I mean. That's what we had on our anniversary last week. Yum.