Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What I need right now!

Today's workouts were, as Rae would say, a doozy. I did a 40 minute interval run and then followed up by a 5 x 5 workout for the upper body which left me begging for a good long stretch. I'm following a program from "New Rules of Lifting" by Alwyn Cosgrove and somebody (his name escapes me) Schuler designed for hypertrophy, using large compound type movements done in superset formation.
Looks like this:
Cable Seated Row paired with Incline DB press
Wide Lat Pull down paired with DB shoulder press (I did these standing because I'm a masochist)
Close Grip Bench press paired with High Pulls (I haven't done these for ages, but I can feel it now in my hamstrings/glutes - probably because I was really focused on initiating movement from there).
Swiss ball crunch.
After hammering those weights I got really hungry in the afternoon and grabbed some extra food. DH cooked chicken breast on the barbecue tonight and we had that with lots and lots of steamed vegetables. Yummo!
Tomorrow I have another date with RPM and a long overdue hair cut. I'm one of those people who hate sitting still in a hair salon for hours on end. Just about drives me bananas. A sports massage - could stay all day!

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