Friday, May 25, 2007

Food for thought!

"The diet industry is the only industry that I know that makes a profit out of its product failing"

I have decided to go "green" today and see how it comes up on my blue background. Hope you all can read it.

I've had another busy day - firstly I taught RPM over at Mount Gravatt. The participants were very friendly, but the club had a completely different vibe to that of Toowong and Indro. The weirdest thing was having to catch the lift to the Cycle Studio although I was informed later on that there are stairs in the building.

I then enjoyed having a look at the Garden City Shopping Complex and bought the girls some clothes from KMart and Pumpkin Patch. It is much easier shopping without them. Last time Miss G got her eye on a dress and refused to take it off. I walked out of Pumpkin Patch $40.00 lighter that day, though I must say she has worn said dress an awful lot. I also got to visit Borders and would have counted more than 100 books on the shelves related to dieting. That is scary!

I am looking forward to a busy weekend - I'm hitting the weights tomorrow and teaching RPM again on Sunday. I think my hamstrings will thank me for my planned rest day on Monday. Did I mention I like teaching RPM? :)


Kristy said...

Your food for thought is very very true. Never thought of it that way.

Hilary said...

Ahhhh good old Garden City... I went shopping there last Saturday and hit Lorna Jane!

I can catch a lift up to my gym too, but I walk the 6 flights of stairs instead. The lift comes in handy after a really heavy leg session though!

Hilary xx

LizN said...

Hi Kristy! Welcome to my blog ;)

Hi Hilary - yeah, I bet the lift does come in handy after leg hamstrings are killing me today :)
Liz; )

Marie said...

Liz, someday I hope you post some vid of yourself doing RPM. I'm dying to see what it's like! Is it cardio or a strength workout??

Antigone said...

My god you are a busy chicky :)
I would love to take one of your RPM classes one hmmmm or maybe not hehe bet i wouldnt be abloe to walk the next day let alone go to the loo LOL

Hey darl if you don't mind i tagged you could you please visit my blog :) Thankyou

Lisa said...

Hi Liz,

I shoudl come and do one of your RPM classes on day. i love variety!

LizN said...

Bring it on, I'd love to see you all. Marie, my GFC took photos at the last launch so I will try and get him to email me some pics and I'll put them up on the blog. RPM is like "spinning".

Liz ;)