Thursday, May 24, 2007

Training the pretty little muscles!

Today I trained what I call the "pretty little muscles" - biceps and triceps - with me doing so many compound moves these days, it's probably not really all that necessary to train them! However I have April in my mind as the next time I compete and I'm throwing in these exercises for that reason. Many of the exercises bodybuilders do aren't dreadfully functional (and this includes some of the training I do when I am prepping) and I am at the moment really enjoying getting back to basics with squats, deadlifts, pull ups and the like. I am planning two more break in workouts and then I'm going to work on both pure strength and hypertrophy for 12-16 weeks.

Cardio wise, I am having the time of my life teaching RPM and Bodystep! I have been monitoring my heart rate with my F11 and I found myself almost fully recovered early into Track 4 and today I went for a run and was running under 5 and a half minute ks at only 70% max. Which makes me think that the old gal still has some speed left in her1 I am sure I have mentioned it before but I would love to beat my best 5k time of 21.25 again. I haven't been anywhere near that for years! Decisions, decisions! I could, of course wake up in a few weeks and run the Gold Coast Half Marathon - will have to see what everyone is up to. It wouldn't be my best running effort, but the social part would make up for that!


Janew said...

Hi Liz, your on fire sweetie!!! You are sounding just so alive and happy :-D

hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
jane xo

Magda said...

OMG Liz!!! 21.25 for 5kms is AWESOME. I just cracked 30 mins today and I felt like the best runner in the world...albeit a 1/2 dead one lol. I'm impressed beyond words.


Splice said...

Your an energiser bunny!!
I don't know how you manage to run like that?
Running and Deb don't mix lol, why to hard on the ol' bod me thinks.
Have a great day.