Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekly Wrap Up

I can't believe it, I've trained seven days in a row this week. Time for some well earned recovery this week. I've taught four RPM classes, a Bodystep, done two runs and 3 strength training sessions. Apart from some hamstring DOMS that I keep telling everyone about, I'm feeling pretty good right now.
My eating has been pretty good too - lots of vegetables, lean protein and plenty of water. I did make the mistake of letting myself get too hungry yesterday though - I came home and wolfed down a peanut butter sandwich before I realised what I was doing. Rather than beat myself up for eating "off the plan", it is simply a case of "plan ahead next time and just keep going!". My relationship with food has completely changed - it used to be "I've blown it and I'm a failure"(and keep on overdoing it some more) - now it is more about being more intuitive - "how am I feeling? What does my body need?" Gosh that salad looks delicious...mmmm". It's only taken me a few good years to get to this point where I can say now that I truly "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk".
This week I'm rejigging my training and starting an Alwyn Cosgrove Hypertrophy Program. Miss G is begging me to take her to the gym tomorrow. I would rather have a day off, but I will see what happens in the morning. Tuesday could be an even better rest day - meet up with DH for lunch in the city and swan around Borders for a few hours :) What could be nicer?


Hann said...

Same here, I try to ask myself do I need that food or just craving it?
Once the kids hand me a lollie or something and if I just eat it out of habit I think, "oh well, just gotta gym it off now". Less stress.
Great to hear how good you've been.

Hilary said...

Wow you have been busy!! Sounds like you probably worked off MORE than a PB sandwich this week...

your Tuesday rest day sounds divine!

Hilary xx

liz said...

My my, you've been a busy blogger! I dont check in for a week and its like a deluge! Thanks for the tag - I really should update my blog one of these days. Does anyone have a recipe for making more hours in a day??