Saturday, December 01, 2007

I am so sore!

I cannot believe how sore I am today - I had a deadlift focused day yesterday and I am sore through my legs (hello glutes!) upper back and shoulders. This morning, I taught Hi Performance RPM, which is RPM with two extra working tracks added in. I certainly knew about it when I got to the end of it.

I've spent the better part of the day doing the ironing and taking the girls to the local pool for a swim. Eating hasn't been all that stellar today - I can attribute part of this to feeling exhausted, sore and extremely fatigued. The key is trying to make the next meal a good one and getting back on track. I've been inspired by a few recipe sites lately, so that is my next project - different food :)

I included the puppy pic as I think that once we've built we are going to add a canine to the family.


Antigone said...

Hope your legs are recovering :)
Don't forget to post some new recipes i can use them i am so sick of stirfrys hehe

Java said...

Our friends came over a few week ends ago to show off their new labrador pup, we are sooo in love with it. Our labbie is now 12 y.o. and we so want a another but gosh they are $1000!
Go glutes, sounds like a good work out you had.

RaeC said...

Yeow!! I feel your pain hon... LOL!! Let us know if you find any great recipes - always on the lookout for some. Loved the previous post about "beautiful women"... what an awesome piece!! Have a great night xxx