Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back on the Bike!

Today I taught RPM, yes, on Boxing Day. Apparently our Fitness First was the only one in Queensland to open on Boxing Day and I was fortunate enough to have a full house this morning. I really enjoyed the class this morning, and left the gym in high spirits. Had a bit of a chat with Miss R (hey Miss R, sorry I chewed your ear off with RPM philosophy!) - then it was off to pick up the paper, pick up plates from my parents and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

I had a great Christmas - I was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher from DH from Sunglass Hut to replace my well worn sunglasses and I managed to score six (!) boxes of chocolates for Christmas. I'd best change my side bar - I think it is going to take me a long time to polish off those suckers, unless DH gets there first.

Tomorrow I may do some weights, but am planning to just cruise training wise until the New Year - I lost very few classes over the last two weeks, but dropped the weights - my lower body has been pretty sensitive and reactive. The DOMS I will have will certainly be no picnic.

Best be off to work out New Year's Eve celebrations with DH - we are going to have an Indian themed evening.


Bud said...

RPM on Boxing Day rocked! You are a task master but I love you to death for it. FF was packed to the rafters with keen gym members such as myself. My ears are still intact and awaiting our next chinwag. See you soon.
Hugs Miss R

LizN said...

Hooray for Miss R - hope to see you blogging real soon :)


Claudine said...

Here is my blog in english :


Raechelle said...

It must be nice to live in an area where the gym is open over the holiday season! Being in a small town with one good gym that is owner operated-we have to resort to our own small little set up at home this week-LOL-we needed the break though....
Glad you had a happy holiday!

Antigone said...

sounds like you will be a busy bee :)
Glad to hear you had a good christmas :)
Have a great week hope your DOMS are kind to you :)

Anonymous said...

hello there liz!

i found you via cat, she lead me to you... i am wondering if you can assist me in diet?

i am an rpm lover and i exercise 5 days a week when i am well (i just had a breast reduction so im off exercise for a few more weeks) but anyway i need help with a food plan...

do you have any ideas? i would love to chat if you have time or are able to guide me in the right direction.

love donna xxx

RaeC said...

Great to hear you had a good Christmas lovey!! xxx