Wednesday, December 05, 2007

At a crossroads

Late last year I wrote a post mentioning that I was interested in abdominal repair surgery. I spoke to my GP who suggested leaving it a year and then deciding whether or not to go ahead with it. She thought that I would be a perfect candidate for it.

I've been considering it (a full tummy tuck) for two reasons:
a) I have a big diastasis (separation) which is affecting my pelvic stability. I broached the subject with my new physio today who was amazed by how much I can do physically with such a big separation. I have done five years of pilates and rehab work and whilst I have improved my pelvic stability greatly, I'm at the end of the road as far as repairing my diastasis is concerned. My physio thinks that repairing the abdominals will help my stability.

b) Secondly, I'm very self conscious about my stomach - after having a 10.5lb baby, when I perform an abdominal plank, a large amount of loose skin hangs down, rather like a pregnant daschund. People ask me all the time "when the next one is due". Unless I'm close to competition weight/leanness I get this all the time. It's something that has bothered me for years.

c) As this is classified as repair surgery, Medicare will cover a fair amount of the cost.

What's stopping me from doing it is the potential recovery time. I couldn't imagine not teaching RPM for 4 months - from what I've read, as the procedure is major surgery and I've been trying to locate others in the same position.

It's either that or compete again.

I really don't know what to do.


leslie said...

Ok, so I know everyone has an opinion, so take this with a grain of salt, but if I were you, I WOULD do the surgery. You are too young to live with something like this that could be so much better.

It's a little bit like when I decided to get breast implants. I got them almost 2 years ago, and I could not be happier. What helped me to decide was when I thought of it this way: I could get them at age 45 and enjoy them, or I could just keep thinking about it, wait five years, get them at 50, and wish I'd done it sooner. I know it's not quite the same thing, but honestly what was stopping me was the recovery -- six weeks of no exercise?!?!

I know you'll find your answer.

Tara said...

Hi Liz, I hear you on the skin hanging down while doing planks. i hate it too!! That is a tough choice you are facing atm. Hope that you can get the advice that you require to help you make a decision.

Have a great day :o)

Tara xx

little rene said...

Any decision involving surgery is a tricky one to make Liz.

It sounds like the surgery would, in the long term, make you very happy and also able to improve your health and fitness even more.

My personal opinion is that 4 months is a short sacrifice for a lifetime of improvement/happiness. After you have recovered you will be able to teach RPM forever and feel even more confident up there :)

Cherub said...

I have a grilfriend (who is also a trainer) who had the surgery a little while ago. She can confirm that the recovery time (at least for her) was about the 4 months you mention, but that is to be back at full training capacity.

She would also tell you that she has no regrets and that she is very happy now with the way her body looks.

Sorry this only confirms what you already know. Good luck with your decision.


Raechelle said...

Wow-I'm looking at the comp pic-it's hard to picture the problem you're talking about....But I agree with the above comments-you've obviously done everything a person can do to try to fix the problem-and since you're in the fitness industry-it's a very important issue, and it obviously makes you uncomfortable-I would get it done-if you really feel in your heart that it will make you happy-then yes-it's worth the down time.
BTW-the protein shake was great-I added a little yogurt-but the peanut butter gave it a nice touch for sure!
Thanks again-
And good luck with your decision!

Hilary said...

Its a very personal decision Liz, hopefully you can talk to some people who've had the procedure and get a real feel for it.

Hope you find your answer soon.

Hilary xx

emharvie said...

Hi Liz,

Check out - I'm not sure if it will have any info on your particular surgery, but it does have some great message boards. I'm having a breast reduction next year and have found hearing from people thinking about having it and who have already done it has been very helpful.

Kek said...

I'm in exactly the same position with the will I?/won't I? thing, been dithering about it for a couple of years now. The hanging skin situation makes me very unhappy, but the whole surgery/recovery road is off-putting, especially when it means you can't earn an income. Oh, plus there's the whole cost of the procedure, because Medicare doesn't really cover a lot if you go private...and I'm never going public again if I can help it.

Still, on the positive side, recovery from my hysterectomy last year went well and the time actually passed pretty quickly. I managed not to go crazy in the month I had to stay out of the gym, or the following 2 months of easing back into training.

The hysterectomy was an easy decision, this is a lot more complex.

Antigone said...

Would this surgery help further your compition aspirations?

I am a woos when it comes to surgery i am scared of my impending surgery, But i am thinking of the end results for me it will mean no more pain and no more time off training due to illnes :)
What will this surgery mean to you?

What ever your decision hun i am here supporting! You are a huge inspiration for me and i wish you all the best in you decision:)

nes said...

Hi Liz,
I had this procedure done in July. If you would like to hear my experience let me know and I'll give you my email address.

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email I hope you got it? :o)

LizN said...

thanks for your comments - I am overwhelmed by the support.
I still have more to write about it though.

Vanessa - I would love to hear from you. I am at liznelson at bigpond dot com

Java said...

Wow Liz, I never knew!! Well it seems as if we all have something hey, we are not perfect. At least if you look at it this way, something can be done other people like myself have conditions that no medical field can help yet. I would have jumped at the opportunity if they could've. So take it that you are blessed and still lucky, maybe that will help?

Good luck in making the decision, as Kek says if you are fit and strong you'll recover much quicker than an ordinary person would, do that one thing you never go time for and scars can heal nicely if you take care of it and the surgeon is good, I had 3 C-sections and they are quite fading after a year or two.

Good luck!